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values are multiplied..

I have 2 tables with a common key. When I link these 2 tables (On common field, Not join), the values are shown correctly. However when I join these 2 tables (irrespective of the joins used), the values are multiplied..



common key is 

Business_Year&'_'&Business_Month As YearMonthKey      -------    Sheet A

B_Year&'_'&B_Name As YearMonthKey      -------    Sheet B



Output :

op : Sum(Fin_Amt) where Fin_Charge=EDC Charges  = 751273 (Calculation in Data Load Editor Only )

YearMonthKey     StoreID Sum(op)
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Re: values are multiplied..

Howdy Satish25,

You mention the values are multiplied, are you seeing these multiplied values in a table/chart? Or in the datamodel previewer?

Kind regards,
Yogi Achilleos
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Re: values are multiplied..

In straight table

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Re: values are multiplied..

if you using same number straight table link or join dosent bring any difference

when you link may be it has another common field(synthetic key)



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Re: values are multiplied..

hi channa,

it dosent have any other common field(synthetic key).

i have data from data source as given in attached excel file.

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Re: values are multiplied..

of course it will not give you 3912.88 if you join it because both of your tables on different granularity. In one table you have storeid now if you will join fin amount will be repeated against all storeids which will give you 3912.88 * (number of storeid) = 751273 


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Re: values are multiplied..

Yes, because B table has the same name and year (April, 2019) six times.

And each line (April, 2019 from table B)will create separate lines for each line having the same value(April, 2019) in table A.


Count of B table lines having April, 2019 : 192

EDC Charges = 3912.88

Sum(Fin_Amt) where Fin_Charge=EDC Charges=3912.88*192 = 751272.96