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variable to select two date range

good wish to get some help with some variable to select two ranges of different dates, that is:

From year A I want to obtain all months and year B only the first 6 monthsvariable1.png

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Re: variable to select two date range


did not got your query with what exactly you want to do with the first date and Second date?

A suggestion on a different thing. i see in you variable calculation you are using now() function, try using Today(). It better than Now() as it will not be evaluated every time.

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Re: variable to select two date range

I tried to do the variable but I can not, ok I explain it better.

I want to get the date of the year 2016 from January to December and from January to June 2017

I can use a direct condition

and T.FECHA_TRAMITE BETWEEN '01 / 01/2016 00:00:00 'AND '06 / 30/2017 23:59:59'

but it is not what I want since for future research I must return to make a new condition.