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week subtraction

Hi Team,

I have data at yearweek level.

say 201513 which is 13th week for 2015 year.

I want to substract weeks from this . I know it is incorrect to use max(YearWeek)-13. 

Also i know it would have been better to use dual while week creation. but this weeks are already present in the DB ( they have 445 calendar concept).

What is the best way to do it at week level.



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Re: week subtraction

To subtract use


if the format is always the same.

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Re: week subtraction


may be




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Re: week subtraction

in the above scenario, what will happen if the week is first ,

say we have data from 201401 to 201501.

if i minus from 201501 , it will show me incorrect?

How to deal with this?