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where qlikSense display the metadata set by 'comment field' ? tooltip somewhere?


I'll use 'comment field' script statement to put some documentation but at use of the app QS do not show it. 

Under QV, these metadata is loaded into a tooltip asssigned to the 'field' object (top of column, legend of charts, ...)

What about QS where is it supposed to be showed ? 

thanks for any help.


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The "Comment" value is displayed in the "Data model viewer" when you select a specific column.  You will see the Comment listed just below: "Tags" at the bottom-left of the screen.

Apart from that I'm not sure where else it can be accessed from. It would be nice if Qlik added another "system field" like $Field and $FieldNo (e.g. $FieldComment).

Alternatively, I would be just as happy if Dimensions and Measures could be created from the Load Script where we could populate the Dimension and Measure descriptions from an external Metadata store.