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I wish to make a map of the whole world . But how? With the file .kml ? or as in the examples with file .qvd ?

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Re: world

Have you seen this example.


i strongly suggest to go through Map Creation videos below. mto‌ is great guy created all these for learning.

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Re: world

Hi Fabio / Phani - thanks for the kind words.

Fabio - specifically - you can get the sample data files here: Using the Maps Chart Object - Points Maps - Part 1 - (video) and watch this video here:  Using the Maps Chart Object - Polygon Map - Part 2 - (video)

it will show you the process.

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Mike Tarallo


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Re: world

Hi Mike,

I just bought two books on Qlik sense and would like to know how to download the demo on the page http://sense-demo.qlik.com/ .
And yet , you could know how to make a training in order to become certified ?