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Re: .xlsb ODBC connection QlikSense

Hello Michal, Community,

I need to load multiple xlsb files to Qlik SENSE.

I use the Microsoft Excel ODBC Driver as shown in above screenshots.

With the above driver, I HAVE TO select a SINGLE xlsb file as database. Eg. Test_01.xlsb

Connect - Load - Disconnect, ok

Now I select another xlsb file (Script editor, Select Data, Select a Database, E.g Test_02.xlsb

Connect - Load - Disconnect , ok

However, if I want a LOOP load of the files, I cannot specify the FROM statement:

  • FROM `$(vFileName)`.`'Sheet$'`;  DOES NOT work – the synthax is exact copy of the from statement the data load editor inserted
  • In the loop, it only loads from original FROM Statement of the single file: FROM `C:\...\..\Test_01.xlsb`.`'Sheet$'`;

  • If – for test reason – I run the loop from the fixed „long” FROM statement (FROM `C:\...\..\Test_01.xlsb`.`'Sheet$'`; ) – it reads from the same file, as expected
  • If – for test reason – I run the loop and specifiy Test_02.xlsb in the „long” FROM statement (FROM `C:\..\..\Test_02.xlsb`.`'Sheet$'`; ) – it still reads from Test_01.xlsb file

In the loop. I do use Connect and Disconnet,

Connect is like this: LIB CONNECT TO 'Excel Files';

But to the contrary of ODBC Connect in QlikView, I cannot specify nowhere in the loop the database e.g. the xlsb file

(QlikView: ODBC CONNECT32 TO [Excel Files;DBQ=$(vFileName)];) This does not work in Sense

So can you guys help with how to load MULTIPLE xlsb files to SENSE? Thanks a lot!