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Master II
Master II

ABC Analysis in Qlikview

Hi All,

I'm trying to build ABC report for Sales analysis. having issue with calculated dimension(Grade) and based on user selection it should show bellow attached expected output screen shot, currently i'm getting wrong results (only the ABC summary report not correct result). if you have any solutions/idea's much appreciated for your help. thanks

Note: used below script for calculated dimension (Grade)


LOAD *,TotalNetPrice/TotalSales as SalVale%,

  If(RangeSum(Peek('run_sum'), TotalNetPrice/TotalSales) < 0.6, 'A Stocks',

  If((RangeSum(Peek('run_sum'), TotalNetPrice/TotalSales)) > 0.6 and (RangeSum(Peek('run_sum'), TotalNetPrice/TotalSales)) < 0.9 , 'B Stocks', 'C Stocks')) as Grade,

  RangeSum(Peek('run_sum'), TotalNetPrice/TotalSales) as run_sum

Resident Sales

Order By TotalNetPrice desc;


Current output (refer the ABC summary report)

ABC Current output_1NOV2016.JPG

ABC_Analysis_Expected output.jpg

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Great! It works!


Not applicable

Amazing dimension, I've been looking for this for days . Thanks!


Hi Sunny,

Thanks for you solution.
I have to view this ABC analysis at Shop No level.

can you please suggest any solution for this.

iIworked on this but i m facing issue in sorting in Aggr at Shopno and Article No level.

Any help is appreciated.


Vanraj Dinesh Bohra

Would you be able to share a sample where you have been doing this? and explain your required output?


Hi Sunny,

Thanks for your Prompt Reply

Dimension which i m using is :

=if(Aggr(sum(Aggr(RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Sum(Sales), 0,RowNo())) / sum(TOTAL <ShopNo,Week> Sales),ShopNo,(ArticleNo,(=Sum(Sales),DESC)))),ShopNo,ArticleNo) >0.90,'C',

if(Aggr(sum(Aggr(RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Sum(Sales), 0,RowNo())) / sum(TOTAL <ShopNo,Week> Sales),ShopNo,(ArticleNo,(=Sum(Sales),DESC)))),ShopNo,ArticleNo) >0.60,'B','A'))

My Output should be in this Format:   

GradeShop 1Shop 2Total
A Stocks145071123425741
B Stocks749712128709
C Stocks24803432823

I figured out problem for above calculated dimension is we need sorting by Shopno and for Each shop by article number in descending order.


Vanraj Dinesh Bohra

Oh nice... so you got what you wanted, right?


No Sunny,

my problem is output is not coming right because its unable to sort the data properly in Aggr Function at following level:

1. It should sort by Shopno.

2. for each shop it should sort articleno in descending order.

This is what i m trying to achieve with above calculated dimension, but still not found any success.

Do you have any solution for this.


Vanraj Dinesh Bohra.

Try this


If(RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Sum(Sales), 0, RowNo()))/Sum(TOTAL <ShopNo, Week> Sales) > 0.9, 'C',

If(RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Sum(Sales), 0, RowNo()))/Sum(TOTAL <ShopNo, Week> Sales) > 0.6, 'B', 'A')),

ShopNo, (ArticleNo, (=Sum(Sales), DESC)))


Hello Sunny,

Do you know how could I do to create a KPI for the 'A Stocks' or the 'B Stocks' without using a table?

I think I need to use set analysis but I don't know if that is possible.

For example:

sum ( {< Master dimension created = {'B Stocks'} >} TotalNetPrice)

What I don't know is what to type in "Master dimension created" so that it calculates it properly...

I would appreciate any help!

Thank you in advance,




abc analysis is not working for INV_RATE= INV_Value / INV_Stock