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Specialist II
Specialist II

AND condition on same field - script level

HI Community,

Can you please help me.

Need to Calculate – which ID has status both Open and Closed.

ID, Status, Date
100, Open, 01/08/2019
100, Closed, 05/10/2019
101, Open, 22/11/2019
102, Open, 10/11/2019
102, Pending, 22/11/2019
102, Closed, 10/12/2019

ID, Status, Date
100, Open, 01/08/2019
100, Closed, 05/10/2019
102, Open, 10/11/2019
102, Closed, 10/12/2019

Have written like this - but not working.

where Status='Open' and Status='Closed';

Thanks In Advance!

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Specialist II
Specialist II

that will not work cause that condition will check if there is one row that fits both conditions. Thats not possible.

maybe you want to do it like this:

1) Add the field to your table

if(Status='Open', 1,0) as FLAG_OPEN,
if(Status='Closed', 1,0) as FLAG_CLOSED,

2) then you can create an aggregated table

Load ID,
Load ID,
         max(FLAG_OPEN) as OPEN_STAGE,
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Digital Support
Digital Support

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