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AQL document request

Hello everyone, i want to ask anyone if it's possible to have the document of AQL (Associative Query Language), help me to learn expression on QV because i have the problem to understand the expression.



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Re: AQL document request

AQL was an abbreviation used many years ago, but with little relevance to the technical design of QlikView. Documents about AQL are either very old or written by non QlikTech people. So, I think the discussion would improve if we stopped using this abbreviation.

The important points about QlikView are

  1. QlikView internally uses a relational model. And this is determined by the script. (So here you - developer - need to think a lot about the relational schema.)
  2. QlikView doesn't care about whether a key is primary or secondary - it just links the fields that have same names, assuming that they are keys. (So here you - developer - need to define the keys by naming them correctly.)
  3. A selection in a field propagates to other fields also in other tables, thus determining whether a record or a field value is possible or not.
  4. Possible records are aggregated in all QlikView expressions. Non-possible records are not included in the calculation.

And that's basically it. Read more here: