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Access Point and Reloads on Different Servers

Hi,  Is it possible to split the Access Point and Reload Server across different servers?

I would like to sit the access point on cloud server which and have the reloads occur on an onprem server?

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Re: Access Point and Reloads on Different Servers

Hi! Sure, you would need a Publisher license and install the QlikView Distribution Service on the on-prem machine. 
If the machines are not part of the same domain, you'd also have to setup domain trust.

Daniele - Senior Technical Support Engineer at Qlik
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Re: Access Point and Reloads on Different Servers

Just to clarify a bit further, it would also be possible to run Publisher side as its own environment with its own QMC etc., you would have to utilize Folder Distributions to get the reloaded files over to the cloud, or you could use RoboCopy via Supporting Tasks in Publisher as well, or something along those lines.  Just wanted to add this to the post, as it may work better depending upon how integrated your cloud and internal environments are etc.


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