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Access Sheet & Object VBS


I was looking around how to switch between sheets and how to access individual object.

Hope this might help a bit.

Sub Loop_Sheets_And_Objects

    'loop through all sheets

    for i = 0 to ActiveDocument.NoOfSheets - 1

        'Switching between Sheets



        set s=ActiveDocument.Sheets(ActiveDocument.Sheets(i).GetProperties.Name)


        for j=0 to orignumber-1

             rem ** get unique object ID for given object on sheet **

             set so = s.SheetObjects(j)


             id = so.GetObjectId

             'msgbox("ID = " & id)

             'Access on specific Object Id

             IF id="Document\T_DAILY_SUM" THEN

                 msgbox("Access on a table")

             END IF



End Sub