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Access denied.

Hi ,

I have an application running on QV7 in an old server. I am planning to upgrade and move the application to a new server.

My issue is that I am not able to open the application and view the script. I can lease a license from the server but again I am able to see the dashboard only.

I entered the license key and control number and it said validation successful but still no hope of viewing the script. When I go to the File menu, I don't have the option of 'Open' only 'Open in Server' is clickable.

I got the following message when I tried to open the application from my local desktop using QV 10

Any help???

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Re: Access denied.


Check this,

Opening example file in Qlikview personal edition



If the issue still remain Raise SR with Qlik (via qlik support)

or please contact support@qlik.com 

Qoncierge <Qoncierge@qlik.com>

Hope this helps to you



Re: Access denied.

check whether you really able to lease the license from the server !! Go to Qlikview >help>start page >License information .

If you see the info as leasing the license then its working

Hope this helps you

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Re: Access denied.

HI Avinash,

It doesn't say 'Leasing from server' but I opened the application via 'Open in server'.

what should I do to open the application and edit the scripts??

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Re: Access denied.

The application opens in QV Analyzer mode only. As a result I cant edit the script. What other option is there?

Re: Access denied.

You need to get the Admin access or create a new copy of the doc and work on that

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Re: Access denied.

Hi Julia

Did you check that the license is not a test server?

Remember if the license of the QlikView server has something like the next example:








Here you can see TEST_EDITION; YES;; and this means that is a test server, so you cannot do an open in server because is not available for this kind of license

I hope that this will be helpful for you


Re: Access denied.

You need to get a valid license ....that is the only way .