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Accessing Data Values from Chart Expressions (Accumulated Values)

Hello All,

Can someone guide me on how to access accumulated values of a Chart Expression?

My specific case is:

I have created a boxplot to identify outliers.

I am accumulating the upper outlier points to identify a total (no of days) across various stages of a process.

I want to access the accumulated value (total no of days) of the outlier upper limit to be used for heat-mapping the incoming values.

I am not looking to acces this via a GUI or a Chart Screen,. This value, if available, can be set as a variable to be used for further filtering/analysis.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Accessing Data Values from Chart Expressions (Accumulated Values)

Hi NS,

Welcome to QlikCommunity. Please can you post the sample App? It will be easier to look at the example.