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Accumulate Values

Hi All

i have 3 tables

Table 1 , Table2 and detailed table .

In table 1 i will be showing only the count of open by month year

in table 2 i i will be showing accumulate of the opne counts

which is correct .

Currently i have selected jan-2017 in the Table 2 and in detailed table I should get the ID's from Dec-2016 and Jan-2017

( The Detailed table should display all the Id's including current Selected monthyear and Id's before that.
If I select Feb-2017 which is 39 , then in the detailed table it should show me the ID's from Dec-2016 till Feb -

Thanks in advance

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Re: Accumulate Values

Please can any expert look into this , It would be really helpful



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Re: Accumulate Values

Waiting for some logic  to accomplish


Re: Accumulate Values

John, about the best I have is some Design Blog posts that may help you get on the right track with things...



Hopefully those may help you get things sorted.  You back things up to the following URL and do your own searching as well if these are not quite on target:



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Re: Accumulate Values

I think all you need is to use a straight table instead of a table box to display what you want. Basically, try using set analysis in your expression

Count({<MonthYear = {"<=$(=MaxString(MonthYear))"}>}Open)

and you hide to display the expression....