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Accumulation and percentages in Bar chart


             I have a graph that displays sales by dimension month-year. There are 5 expressions that calculate the percentage of sales by region and there is an expression for total cummulative sales. I would like to show the percentage of sales by region in the graph. The graph is a full-accumulation graph. The problem is when I use full-accumulation, the percentages for each month are summed resulting in values that are above 100%.

What I would like to show is the sales percentage by region for the cummulative total sales per month.

My expression for Region 1 looks like this :

=((sum({<IS_Region = {'Emergent Markets'}>} [Sales Value (USD)]))/1000000)/(sum([Sales Value (USD)])/1000000)

Region 2 :

=((sum({<IS_Region = {'Mature Markets'}>} [Sales Value (USD)]))/1000000)/(sum([Sales Value (USD)])/1000000)

My dimension is month year for the current year :


I have attached a snapshot of my graph. The different colors represent regions.