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Actuals vs forecast issue with variable and alternate states in dashboard

I have created a dashboard that relies on alternate states to be able to show different selections in each sheet object. Basically, the dashboard consist of a common selection (state A) where users selects the time period and part of the organization that the various sheet objects should show. Besides this common selection each object has its own selection (State B, C etc) for account (ie. what financial information that the user like each object to show). Each object in turn relies on expressions that enable it to respond both to the common selection (State A) as well as the individual selection for the specific object (State B,C etc). I have chosen to create a variable that reflects the common selection (Sate A):
The variable is written like this in the script as well as in the Variable overview:
Let vStateACopySel = 'Year=StateA::Year, Quarter=StateA::Quarter, Month=StateA::Month, Week=StateA::Week, PRU=StateA::PRU, PC=StateA::PC, VC=StateA::VC, Responsibility=StateA::Responsibility, Responsibility_Description=StateA::Responsibility_Description'
...and the expressions used in the objects are written like:

Although this seems to work perfectly fine for actuals I'm now having problems to have each object to also show forecast. This expression seems just not to work:
Anyone out there that might have an idea what causes my issue?
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Just to add some info. Actuals and forecast data come from two different excel workbooks and are concatenated in the script when uploaded to QV. Actuals comes from the complete general ledger including all bookings made to it 2013Q1-2015Q1 (about 18m rows) while forecast is only is available on account level for two cost centers (responsibility) 2015Q2-2016Q1 (3,8k rows). While actuals and forecast both have the columns "account", "responsibility", and "effective_date" in the uploaded excel workbooks, values for actuals come from columns "Amount_Debit" and "Amount_Credit" and forecast from "Amount_Debit_Pr". 

Furthermore, I had no problem to have an object to show both actuals and forecast in inherited state using

SUM(Amount_Debit_Pr) for forecast


SUM(Amount_Debit-Amount_Credit) for actuals