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Add an OnActivate trigger for a chart via macro


The functionality is as follows:

The user copies a chart from one sheet and pastes it onto another sheet in the same document. Now, when the user clicks i.e activates the copied chart, it should navigate to the original tab from where it was copied. This functionality is, kind off, providing shortcuts to the user rather than making multiple selections in various listboxes and then viewing a particular chart.

For this purpose, I need to add an OnActivate trigger to the copied chart via macro. So, when the user clicks on the chart i.e activates it, it should navigate to the tab on which the actual chart resides.

Sheet Properties -> Sheet Object Event Triggers -> Object ID -> OnActivate -> Add Action -> Activate Sheet (Sheet ID)

The above flow needs to be implemented in a macro. This macro will execute on clicking a button on the sheet.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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