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Adding/accessing existing subversioned project thru QlikView desktop.


We're currently using QlikView 11 SR2 and TortoiseSVN 1.7 in our dev environment. 

Up to now, we have manually created the "-prj" folders for our reports and manually check the prj contents in/out of subversion via file explorer. That works just fine.

But now we want to allow our QA team to check QV projects out of a subversion stage-branch, right from the QlikView desktop, without having to interact with subversion manually.  We figure this will be easier for them. So we need to get QV desktop to interact with our existing subversioned prj's.

Is this "doable" and if so, how?  Do I delete the existing -prj folder, open the qvw and perform a File->Source Control->Add Project To source Control as though it were a brand new project?

If this is not doable then I'd be okay with telling QA to manually check out projects using TortoiseSVN and file explorer, but doesn't that require them to have a copy of the qvw to begin with? And since checking a (binary) qvw into subversion isn't a good thing, wouldn't I have to give QA an initial copy of the qvw?

Thanks for any suggestions,


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