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Adding action on Bar Chart


   I am new to Qlikview. I am developing an application where I am displaying data in bar chart. My requirement is to add an action to the Bar chart so that If user cliks on the chart he is redirected to another sheet. here is screen shot of my chart..


My aim is not add an extra button or text box on the chart but to add an action which redirects the user to another sheet.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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create a text box with the same dimensions as the graph. Set the transparency to 100%

Set an action for the text box.

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Master III

Hi Prasenjit,

See the attachment and click on "Details" button on bar chart.



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Specialist III


Here we cannot set an action to Barchart,

You can create one text box with the same length  and then Give an action to that text object

Make sure that

Trasperancy of the text box is 100%

In Layout tab-->layer should be "Top"

later if you want to do any changes in chart then you can do it by making layer as Bottom

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On bar chart there is no such option for action to be set.

so what you can do it.

you can use either text box or button of same size of your chart and make it transparent by transparency setting that is there for it to 100%

and set to top layer else it will go back

and set action on it.

by this you can set action on chart that will be there on button or text box that will not be seen as it will be transparent

Sudhanshu Shrivas

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Thanks for your help. But i was not looking to add a text object but an action on the bar chart itself. Thanks again..

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Master III


I don't think so you can do this with bar chart alone.



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Hi Prasenjit Dewan,

Have you got solution for it , if yes can you please let me know how to do that, now I am faceing the same problem that your described above.





U can try a work around. On the dimension of the chart, put a trigger, on any select, navigate to other sheet.