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Adding column during/after creating crosstable (script)


I am new at Qlikview and need your help for solving a problem.

I am loading a Table A and using the crosstable option.

I also loading a second table B and want to concatenate it with table A.

Table A consists of the Columns C, D, E, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. (numbers of the months)

Table B consists of the Columns D, E, Date (notice there is no C)

My script looks like:






2010 as Year,

1 as Januar,

2 as Februar,

3 as März,

4 as April,

5 as Mai,

6 as Juni,

7 as Juli,

8 as August,

9 as September,

10 as Oktober,

11 as November,

12 as Dezember

from ....

concatenate load


Month(Date) as Month,

Year(Date) as Year,



sql ....

from ...

Now my problem is that I want to add a column "Date" to Table A. The Entries of Date of Table A should look like "01.01.2010", "01.02.2010" ... "01.12.2012".

I tried the method "makedate" but i couldnt find a dynamic expression that works. (e.g. makedate(2010,Month,01))

Anyone got an idea to solve it?

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Adding column during/after creating crosstable (script)


Can I ask why you are doing this? Could it be an option to do it in some other way to get the result you want? If you explain more what you want to do, mabe someone (or me) could give you help to get where you want.

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Re: Adding column during/after creating crosstable (script)

I also need to add a column after pivoting a table. Did you find how to do it?