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Admin license to ACCESS POINT

OK friends

I have added a second person to QV Management Console > System > Licenses >Server > Assigned CALs (we have 2 such licenses, one is me and the second was just added). I added this name some 7 days ago.

The name is in the Assigned Users list but for some reason that person cannot open any of the documents , nor get into the Management Console.

Any ideas? Did I miss anything in the process?



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Re: Admin license to ACCESS POINT

Has he leased the license?

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Re: Admin license to ACCESS POINT

And for getting into QMC, you need to add his id into qlikview administrator group of that server

Re: Admin license to ACCESS POINT

Can that person open one of the demo documents in the AccessPoint? Can that person see any document thumbnails at all in the AccessPoint? Which type of authorisation is your QlikView server using? Does the new user have sufficient access rights to the QVW document? Are you using Section Access? If so, is the new user present in the Section Access table, and did you reload all those documents that use Section Access?

For access to the QMC, you don't need a license (or anything else). You only need to make the new administrator member of the local "QlikView Administrators" group on the machine running the QMS service.

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