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I have created agebucket like this

     if(Age>=0 and Age<=25, Dual('<25 Yr',1),
      if(Age>25 and Age<=30, Dual('25-30 Yr',2),
       if(Age>30 and Age<=35, Dual('30-35 Yr',3),
        if(Age>35 and Age<=40, Dual('35-40 Yr',4),
         if(Age>40, Dual('>40 Yr',5),dual('NA',15)))))) as [Age Bucket],

Now I want avoid multliple If conditions

My script looks like as below but its not working.

If(Pick(Match(Age,Age>=0 and Age<=25,Age>25 and Age<=30,Age>30 and Age<=35,Age>35 and Age<=40,Age>40),
Dual('<25 Yr',1),Dual('25-30 Yr',2),Dual('30-35 Yr',3),Dual('35-40 Yr',4),Dual('>40 Yr',5)),dual('NA',15))

Please suggest where I did wrong.

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Re: AgeBucket

May be try  this

if(AGE<=25,Dual('<25 Yr',1),if(AGE<=30,Dual('25-30 Yr',2),if(AGE<=35,

Dual('30-35 Yr',3),if(AGE<=35,Dual('35-40 Yr',4),if(AGE<=40,Dual('40-45 Yr',4),Dual('NA',5)))))) as bucket


Re: AgeBucket

,If(Not IsNum(Age),Dual('NA',1000),

  If(Age <= 25, Dual('<25 Yr',1),

  If(Age > 40, Dual('>40 Yr', 100),

  Dual(Replace(Class(Age-1,5),'<= x <','-')& ' yr',Class(Age-1,5))

  ))) as AgeBucket