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Hi Friends,

I am facing a problem while Claculating the Item Ageing Logic .

I have a table

Item Code      EntType      Organization Code       Qty          Date

A5323            TFP               6                               2             11/03/2011

A5323            DIS                6                               3              21/07/2011

A5323            ADJ               6                               4              22/07/2012

A5323            MIS               6                               -2              22/08/2012

A6243           TFP               6                                 4               22/03/2012

A6243           MIS               6                                 -1               22/07/2012

Now we have to plot a chart on the basis of bucket  of '0-90','90-180','180-270' and so on.

In this case we have to Find the max date on the basis of +ve Entype ie having the Positive Quantity ie TFP ,DIS etc.

For example for first Item Code A5323-TFP ,DIS ,ADJ

and For Second A6243           -TFP

and we have to Consider the max date for this +ve Entype ie

for first case

1)A5323     ADJ      6        4       22/07/2012

2)A6243     TFP      6        4       22/03/2012

and so on.

User will enter a date and from that we have to calculate the dynamic button.

Ie ...i

if((UserInputDate-max date)>0,

   if((UserInputDate-max date)>='0' and (UserInputDate-max date)<='90',Dual('0-90',1), and so on for Bucket.

But we have to keep one thing in mind maxdate  for calculation of Bucket will be the max date of +ve Enttype but the Quantity will be total sum

in case user has input 21/07/2012

than tha format will be

ItemCode                            UserInput Date           Bucket                   MaxDate            Qty                                                                                                       

A5323                                     21/07/2012                0-90                    21/07/2011        It will be sum of both +ve and -ve Entype as on date enter by user

A6243                                     21/07/2012                90-180                     22/03/2012

In case anyone have idea to solve the issue.

Please guide me how to do so.

Thanks in advance