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Aggr function - use universe of dimension

Hi All,

I have an expression:

aggr(sum({<Agent_Monthly_Year={$(vMaxYear)},Agent_Monthly_MonthNo={'<=$(=vMaxMonth)'}>}[# errors])/

  avg({<Agent_Monthly_Year={$(vMaxYear)},Agent_Monthly_MonthNo={'<=$(=vMaxMonth)'}>}[# policies]),AgentHeader1,Agency_Code)

Even if a value of Agency_Code is selected, I want the formula above to evaluate for all values of Agency_Code and matching other conditions mentioned in the statement.

Basically I want {1}Agency_Code but this does not work in the aggr function.

Please advise.


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The function aggr() will return a "temp" table according to the selections made (the user state)

If you want a table with all Agency_Code, I think you will need to use a avg or sum({set analysis} aggr() )

If you want to complete the set analysis with all the agency codes according to a test (one single value selected), you need to populate a variable (as a formula) that will be either nothing or  ', Agncy_Code= ' so that you can do $(thisvariable) into your set