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Re: Aggr() with set analysis

I used Sum() Function instead of Count(). But it is not making any difference. Still null values are coming.

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Re: Aggr() with set analysis

better if you could share sample file

Sum(aggr(sum({$<Week = {" $(=Week(Start_Date - 7)) "},Week=>}RunTime),Week, Jobs)) /      Sum(aggr(sum({$<Week = {" $(=Week(Start_Date - 7)) "},Week=>}Job_Count), Week, Jobs)


Re: Aggr() with set analysis

Hi Meenakshi,

I think you can use a simpler expression by exploiting the power of the sum() function as explained in the Reference Manual:

sum([{set_expression}][distinct][total[<fld {, fld}>]] expression)

Returns the aggregated sum of expression or field iterated over the chart dimension(s).

Can you try to use something like this:

     = sum(RunTime) / sum( total <Jobs, Week> RunTime)

and set the fields Jobs and Week as the dimensions of the chart?

Let me know,