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Alternate State in a list box expression


I have 2 Alternate States and I would like to move any selection in the Business Area list box to another Alternate State.

As you can see below I am concatenating a string and using the Tree View on the '||' ket to split the string, unsuccessfully.

=BusinessArea=[Base Selection]::BusinessArea & '||'& [Escalate To from Logged By Group]

The goal is to minimize the number of selections in the second state when BusinessArea is selected in the first state.

If I can link the Business Area to the first state then a long list in the second alternate state will improve the look and feel and shortening the possible selections.


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Re: Alternate State in a list box expression

It's not too clear to me what you want to achieve, but as this is in a listbox maybe try using this formula instead:

Aggr(Only({$ * [Base Selection]} BusinessArea & '||'& [Escalate To from Logged By Group]), BusinessArea, [Escalate To from Logged By Group])

Slicing, dicing and glueing back alternate states together has to be done as part of set analysis, which means aggregation, and if you want to use aggregation results for a listbox, it means Aggr() function, as it is the only one that returns a list of values instead of one value.

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Re: Alternate State in a list box expression

Thanks, my final formula is :

=AGGR(ONLY({[Base Selection]}BusinessArea&'||'&[Escalate To from Logged By Group]),[BusinessArea],[Escalate To from Logged By Group])

Re: Alternate State in a list box expression

Is this resolved? If it is, I would suggest you to mark correct response to close this thread. If not, then please let us know what is missing.