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Assign a document to an user

Hello everybody!

I am completely new to Qlikview and I am trying to assign a document to an specific user. This user already exists in the system, he can see several documents when he accesses to Qlikview using a browser, but he needs a new one (there was an expert in Qlikview working in the company who managed Qlikview and did all these tasks but he left and I have just started with it).

I´ve tried to assign the document to him entering the Qlikview Management Console, Documents and selecting the desired one, but there is no option to assign it to him.

Could anyone give me some hints on this matter please?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: Assign a document to an user


Do you think about section access?


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Re: Assign a document to an user

Please implement Section Access at Sheet Level.

A Primer on Section Access

Type of Security

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Re: Assign a document to an user

1. Go into the Management Console.

2. Go to the Documents tab. 

3. Click on User Documents.

4. Search for the name of the app you're referring to, then select it.

5. The right-hand pane should populate. 

6. Click on Authorization and see if anything shows up there.


Re: Assign a document to an user

I must admit that this is not the simplest administrative operation you want to perform.

Two preliminary questions:

  • Does your QlikView setup have a Publisher license? To verify this, goto QMC->Documents and see whether there is a Source Documents tab available. If there is, then you have a full Publisher. And that's a good thing.
  • Does your QlikView server run in DMS mode. If not, there will be no Authorization tab in QMC and you will have to revert to assigning NTFS rights to the QVW file. To verify this, navigate to WMC->System->Setup->QlikView Servers->Your QVS->Security->Authorization. The radio button indicates either NTFS or DMS.



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Re: Assign a document to an user

Are you talking about Document CALs? if yes, you can assign it through user documents.

Or you are talking about access? Then you need to check section access whether that guys name/id is present there or not.

Please elaborate your requirement