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Hi Folks,

can some one please help me to understand how stop association between 2 Sheets :

eg :


i have 2 sheets in may proj  in sheet1 i have mentioned a details table view, and current selection box

and in 2nd sheet i have list box and multi box for selection and straight table , but when i am doing any selection in sheet2 ,sheet1 data also get filter ,

i want solution like if i do any selection in sheet2 then only that sheet should give the result , rest other sheets data should not change.

2 )

and i want the same data section control in between 2 tables as well.

like i have table 1 and table 2 if i filter  some data in table1 then that should only respond , table 2 should remain unchanged.

Thanks ,

Manisha P

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Re: Association


1) Use alternate state for this. In your set analysis :

sum({Alterate_state_name <Year={"XXX"} > Sales)

2) For cancel selection effect use. eg, with a chart with Product/Sales if you don't want that selection on Product has an effect on your chart :

sum({$<Product>} Sales)

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Re: Association

For Scenario -1

You need to define Alternate States at Sheet Level

For Scenario -2

You need to define Alternate States at Object Level

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Re: Association

So the global applicability of selections has always been presented to me as one the central things to QlikView. That said there are options, you could potentially use alternate states (& think you would need to for the charts on the same sheet);


Otherwise macro actions as you navigate between the sheets (Sheet Properties - Triggers).



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