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Auto-drill-down chart when Null values present?

I have a multi-dimensional grid chart where the second dimension is a group (for drill-down year -> month -> date -> hour). This group keys off a field that may contain null values. I can avoid having these show up in the chart as "-" by clicking the "Supress when value is null" and this works great.

One feature I do like is how the groups will automatically skip group members that don't have data (auto drill-down). So I have a button that filters to "Today" and so the chart automatically drills-down to the hour level.. if there are no Null values returned. If there are Null values, though, the group will start at the top level (year) and not auto-drill-down. If I uncheck "Suppress when value is null" I do see the Null entry next to the Year.

Is there a way, maybe through an expression in the groups, to completely omit rows in the table that contain the Null values, or some other method so that the chart will auto-drill-down? I can't remove the Null rows from the SQL query because those rows are necessary on other sheets...

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