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Balance Sheet Help!

Hi all,

I have a formula which grabs all the previous years entries, in order to develop a balance sheet. The formula is as follows:

=if([Account Type]='Balance Sheet',sum({1<Year={$(vMaxYear)},Date={'<=$(vMaxDate)'},Month=>}(Amount)))

The Formula grabs everything as at today. However, what I want is to grab the entries up to the month/year that the user selects.

How would I go about this?

Many thanks,

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Contributor III

Re: Balance Sheet Help!

Hi there,

your set analysis part  should contain something like the following:

(the example provided will work if you have a "Year" and a "Month" select field, in which your user makes his/her selections in):

{$<Year= {$(=max(Year))}, Month= {"<=$(=max({<Year={$(=max(Year))}>} Month))"}



Valued Contributor

Re: Balance Sheet Help!

Try this ...

if([Account Type]='Balance Sheet',sum({<Year={$(vMaxYear)},Date={'<=$(vMaxDate)'},Month=>}(Amount)))