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Bar Chart - Case Sensitive on dimension

Hello all,

in the image below you see the total ordered in cities. As you can see the city Amsterdam and AMSTERDAM appears in this chart.

I would like to create one dimension value into Amsterdam. How can you fixed a case sensitive dimension value?

the current expression of Total Ordered is Sum(total ordered).

Many thanks.



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Re: Bar Chart - Case Sensitive on dimension

Change your dimension from DeliveryCity to -> Capitalize(DeliveryCity)


Re: Bar Chart - Case Sensitive on dimension

I would suggest to do this already when loading in your data, if your conditions of spellings are a more complex, you can also look into a MAPPING approach:

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Re: Bar Chart - Case Sensitive on dimension

Hi Rega

Is it only Amsterdam that you have two values for? If it is you could try this in your load script where you load the city field.

If(City='AMSTERDAM','Amsterdam',City) as City this will give you just the one value for Amsterdam. Hope this is useful for you.

Kindest Regards