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Bar Chart with Custom Ranges

Hello All,

I am struggling with creating the necessary calculated dimension / expression to create a bar chart with custom ranges.  Please see my data set below

Trade IDAmount in EUR
56465461€ 23,000.00
564894€ 51,500.00
5616516€ 100,000.00
4894198494€ 123,000.00
8165161€ 890.00
984194€ 12,312,323.00
5615618€ 590.00

I am trying to create the bar chart showing the # of trades that fall into the following buckets while using an "if Statement":

Amount in EUR - Buckets
0 - 25,000
25,000 - 50,000
50,000 - 100,000
200,000 +

Each Trade ID is unique.  Please help or my keyboard gets thrown across the room!

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Re: Bar Chart with Custom Ranges


Try like this,

In script ,

Load *, if(Amount in EUR >= 0 and Amount in EUR <= 25000,'0-25000', if(Amount in EUR <= 50000,'25000-50000',

if(Amount in EUR <=100000,'50000-100000',if(Amount in EUR <= 200000, '100000-200000','200000+')))) as Bucket from tablename;

Then use Bucket as dimension, and count(Trade ID) as Exp

Hope that helps

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Re: Bar Chart with Custom Ranges

I agree that should work, but I am also trying to understand how to do this through using "if statements".  I believe I will need to create a custom dimension, but I am having trouble with getting getting started in the right direction...

any ideas?

Re: Bar Chart with Custom Ranges


Please see the attached file..

Sheet name: Bucket

Hope it helps

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