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Bar chart help

I have something like below data ID and Utilization by month.

ID         Jan        Feb       Mar

ABC       80%     60%      70%

DEF       90%     70%       60%

GHI        85%     80%       90%

Now..I have script like below where I made the cross table for month to fall under month bucket.







From Source;

Now I need help in representing the data in a better way as the requirement is to show the Utilization by Month for each ID.Please sujjest which chart will be the best one to use and how I can represent the data.It can be any chart other than straight table and Pivot table.

Thank you very much for your time.

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I generally show trends with a line chart, not a bar chart. However, if you have a lot of IDs, that gets very messy very fast.

It's technically a pivot table, but maybe you could use a heat map to represent the data. You do a pivot table, but you use color to represent the values, some smooth gradation between two or three colors as you go from 0 to 100%. Or even just shades of gray. Assuming you still want the numbers visible, you'd have to play with their color as well, shifting them over to white at the background gets darker.