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Bar chart help

Hi Experts,

Can any one please help me on below issue.

I have a Avg Run time field in the source with hh:mm:ss format

In a bar chart i have taken Application as dimension and Sum(Avg_Runtime) as measure.

Here the datapoins getting correctly but in the scale its showing 00:00:00. How to convert the scale.

Please help me on this.

Avg duration bar chart.png

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Bar chart help

After Sum give the format of output


Re: Bar chart help

I dont understand the chart. The numbers on the bars do not correspond with the size of the bars. Is the run time formatted as an Interval() or as a Time()? Perhaps this has something to do with the axis labels.

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Re: Bar chart help


Set Number Format Setting as Time (HH:MM:SS).

following capture shows an expected output.Scale shows proper Time Format.JPG