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Bar chart using calculation on different fields

Hi All,

I am new to qlikview i want to create a bar chart using calculation on different fields(sum & division) but every time it shows the 100% of bar result . Below are the following expression and dimensions i have used.

Dimensions:- =valuelist('IP Address','Location','Name','Location')


if (valuelist('FQDN','IP Address','Location','Name','Location','Serial Number')='IP Address',(sum(if(ip_address_complete=1,1,0))/sum(device_count)),
if (valuelist('FQDN','IP Address','Location','Name','Location','Serial Number')='Location',(sum(if(location_complete=1,1,0))/sum(device_count)),
if (valuelist('FQDN','IP Address','Location','Name','Location','Serial Number')='Name',(sum(if(name_complete=1,1,0))/sum(device_count)))))))

I have created some fields in scripts (ip_address_complete,location_complete,name_complete) but i need to take two time locations in Valuelist otherwise it shows error the No data to display.

Can anyone help me out in this.

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Would you be able to share a sample where we can see what you are doing?