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Best practice, or 'safe' maximum for generating QVD files?


I have a QlikView document which is being used to generate several QVD files – the QVD files are then used as data sources for further QVW files.  I plan to schedule the QVD generator to run each night, so that dashboards will always have up to date data files.

Is there any limit - or any recommended safe maximum – to the number of tabs I can have in my QVD generator document?  The document currently generates around 15 QVD files – can I continue adding tabs (one tab per QVD file) or will this break QlikView?  I don’t want to end up causing the file to become corrupt because it’s got too much stuff in it.

Please can you advise?

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Best practice, or 'safe' maximum for generating QVD files?

Hello awhitfield,

never heard about any restriction. We are generating several dozens of qvd-files per single load. If you need a new tab for every qvd? In my oppion this will be confusing.

Only one thing to mention: Don't forget to drop the according table directly after the store()-command to keep your qvd-generator app small and fast.