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Block Cart Text Formatting

I created the attached block chart, I want to make the text on the little boxes more visible, likely make it bold and black

no matter what i try under the text attribute on the dimension I can't do that.

I tried using functions like Blue() or Black(), or RGB(0,0,0) and nothing worked.

Similarly,  can't change the font properties, how do you define font types

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Re: Block Cart Text Formatting



     Are you asking about color change for none,1,2. in your example? If so,

Properties ->Presentation ->Font->change font style,color and size....

Not in caption setting ..Font..

Hope it helps

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Re: Block Cart Text Formatting

Yes, that works thanks a lot.

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Re: Block Cart Text Formatting

Properties ->Presentation ->Font-> Font Style(Change the font style to bold)

Hope it helps!

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