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Creator II
Creator II

Button to select from a specific date



A simple this one i'm sure. I have a few buttons that allow me to select data from the last 7, 14 and 30 days.

They all use an adaption of this: ='>=$(=(Date(Today()-7)))<=$(=(Date(Today()-0)))'

What i need now is a button that selects all data from a specific date (01/01/2019) but i can't quite work out the syntax.


Can anyone help?



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Create button -> Actions tab -> Add -> Select in field -> DateField as Field and string as follows. Make sure about your Date format.

='>=' & Date(Max(DateField-7)) & '<=' & Date(Max(DateField))

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Creator II
Creator II

Sorry for the late reply, work commitments!


So i tried your formula and obviously i haven't done it correctly, i need to understand where i need to put the specific date in that i want it to show results from, the formula that you have given me just shows all the data.

Creator II
Creator II

Can anybody else help here?

Just need to be able to filter my results from a specific date with a simple button.