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Button - top10 , top20 , clear / show all


I have created two buttons 'top10' and 'top20' both with actions of 'set variable'. The variable is populated with 'vTop' and values '10' and '20' respectively. I have set my straight table presentation tab , max number option to '=vTop'.  These two buttons work fine. I have a third button called 'show all' again the action is 'set variable' , variable is populated as 'vTop' and value as blank. I have tried 999999 , * , space but I'm guessing that it is limited to 100 lines....?

Is there another method which will give me what I require?

-Show all lines

-option to filter by top10 or either top20 lines

-filter back to show all lines


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MVP & Luminary

Re: Button - top10 , top20 , clear / show all


If you are using Qlikview 11 then you can use Dimension Limits to restrict top n values.



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Re: Button - top10 , top20 , clear / show all

To add I am using QV10.