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Calender object - Creat variable Stardate

Hello all,

How can i have Always  (if i every time start the application) a startdate with value 01-01-2016 and enddate the date of today in the underneath objects ?

Thanks in advanced!

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Always means when you open the application? May be set on open trigger for those two dates when the application opens?

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Hello Sunny,

Yes if i every time open the application, the startdate  in the (red markered object) must Always shown as 01-01-2016 and the Enddate (red markered object) as the date of today for example 01-05-2016.

How can i fix this problem? any code?

Master II
Master II

May be as attached:


Please find attached one way to do it with three triggers

1) Select in Field on Date

='>=' & Date(MakeDate(2016, 04, 01)) & '<=' & Date(MakeDate(2016, 04, 30))

2) Set Variable vStartDate

=Date(MakeDate(2016, 04, 01))

3) Set Variable vEndDate

=Date(MakeDate(2016, 04, 30))


Note: The set of trigger is very static and wouldn't change. Is there a more dynamic requirement to select last month? If that is the case, you can always use

1) ='>=' & Date(MonthStart(Max(Date), -1)) & '<=' & Date(MontEnd(Max(Date), -1))

2) Date(MonthStart(Max(Date), -1))

3) Date(MontEnd(Max(Date), -1))

So, in the end it all depends on what the exact requirement is