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Can I do this with SET analys?


I have YearMonth, StartDate and EndDate. What I want is to count a field with ID that have StartDate up to the month selected and Enddate = Today().

The second picture in the middel desribe what I want and the first what I now get when I select the YearMonth field. (But the EndDate are manually marked at both picts, will just use Today() as expression in the set) 

I tried this =Count({$<StartDate={">0"},EndDate={'$(=Today())'}>}INSATSID)  but I need it to cut after the month selected so it dont count StartDate in ex 2012 in this example.


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Can I do this with SET analys?

Try something like this:


makedate(..) could be replaced by YEARMONTH, if YEARMONTH is of type date.