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Can NPrinting uderstand HTML script in a Qlikview chart/textbox and render it as the output of the HTML script?


I have a requirement wherein I want to pass HTML script in a text box or a table(like, a straight table) and when I print the reports in a pdf format, I want the output of the HTML script to be printed in place of the original script.

We use Report Editor for layout specifications.

I am not able to achieve this using CIA Report Manager.

Can this be done using NPrinting, and if so, then how?

This is an urgent requirement.



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Master II
Master II


Have you tried with Nprinting Html report option instead of qlikview via html chart option?

Check this article for the nprinting html steps

QlikView NPrinting 16 Tutorials - HTML Reports



Contributor III
Contributor III

I am not sure this was the correct answer for your question.

But NPrinting has capability to output HTMl Script.