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Can sync expressions between many tables?

Hi there!

My QV has many(like 50) straight tables where expressions are always the same, the only thing it changes is the main dimension. Is there any way of sync expressions so I do a change in ona table this will replicate on the others?  Do you imagine other solution or best practice to avoid this?

I know I can create groups(drill-down/cycle) fore sure will make it easier, but dont know if for so many dimensions it still make sense or if there is a better alternative. Maybe grouping dimension by themes and having less tables but using groups, like Time Table(groupng time dimensions(days, weeks, months)), etc.


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Re: Can sync expressions between many tables?

You can create a variable and use that variable in all the straight tables. So at any point of time you want to change the expression you no need to go thru all the tables, but you can change it in one place. See if the attached app helps you..