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Can't populate a chart


I'm facing some issues in populating a chart (straight table). I have loaded my data into 1 Qlikview table containing a date field and a field in which I'm displaying the items to be created on that date. So for each item on a specific date there is an individual line. I'm now trying to make several charts for our planning to visualize the production of today(), today()+1, .. etc. using the following expression: =If(Datum=date(today())+3,ItemName).

This is not returning any results. However if in a different table box I select an item, it populates the listboxes for that item.

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Re: Can't populate a chart

It sounds like you may have multiple rows returning for your dimension. Try using a windowed function like SUM, CONCAT, or the like and see if it returns data then.
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Re: Can't populate a chart

Using CONCAT seems to work but offcourse now I have 1 big string of text which is visually not OK. I tried entering the following expression

=Concat(if(Datum=today() AND [Bewel limiet]='Y', ItemName & Chr(13)))

This seems to do the trick but it's only visible on hovering, the element itself shows 1 line and I can't get it to expand vertically (not even when adjusting the height of the object.)