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Can we add two loads


Can we load two loads in the qlikview (edit script) In one sheet I need to work on one fact table (data) in another sheet I need to work on another data file(table).Is that possible??There is No inter relation between the data tables.Please help me.Thanks!!

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Re: Can we add two loads

Hi Pujitha

i see a lot of topics you raised recently. You cannot reload for a specific tab it is data modeling issue. You need to model your data properly. If you have 2 facts you have 2 options

- Concatenate the 2 fact tables with a differentiating column e.g. Facttype=tab1, (or fact2)

     - then use this facttype column in your expression set analysis

- create link tables

check below

Fact Table with Mixed Granularity

Generic keys

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Re: Can we add two loads

Qualify your data on load which will include the table name with the field name so as to keep the two data sets separate then use them as you want in your app.

Or have two apps to keep them seperate. Not sure if your need.

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Re: Can we add two loads

Do both the tables have common field names? If yes, you need to modify the column names, and if No, then it should not impact the fact table data.

Let me know in case you need any further clarification.