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Is there anyway to create a carousel in Qlikview like you could in an html document? I am trying to create a scrollable interface for graphs so I could display text that would accommodate each graph and keep multiple graphs within each tab (much like a photo gallery, ideally I want this to be mobile compatible). I want this to be functional with an html exportation of a qvw.

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Re: Carousel

Hi Tim,

well, you can put several charts on top of each other and just set them up with different visibility_conditions, so you can view any of a nr. of graphs on a single tab.

Is that kind of what you want?

However, I would suggest to go about that carefully and not to overdo it - it can get quite difficult if there is a minor change you want to apply, in the same way, to all of your charts or when you want to copy them all to another qvw.

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Re: Carousel

Thanks for the quick response. Yes I would like to add functionality like that. But can I change those visibility conditions by scrolling, or by checking another sheet object? Exactly how would I go about setting that up?

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Re: Carousel

Dear Tim,

By default QlikView doesn't support to any jcarousel slider.

However, you can do it by extension. But I am not sure, there is any extension available such as jcarousel slider works in jQuery or HTML/CSS.

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed