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Challenges in implementing Maps/Ways to implement Maps

Hi ,

I have a requirement to show

1. Location of the offices on the map

2. What is the distance between the office

I am planing to implement google maps in qlikview.

I would like to know the ways to implement the maps.

After going through the forum i learnt that i can implement maps in 4 ways

1.  Using Map extension objects .

   i)  One that involves API license

   ii) Free extensions

2. Making use of a static image and plotting scatter plot by having latitude and longitude values.(But i need a dynamic map )

3. GeoAnalytics(Idebiomaps)

4. Using the scatter plot & script to make use of dynamic map.

Which one is the best approach and why?I am looking at 350-400 user base for this dashboard

Looking for answers

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