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Change QVD.

I'm going to doing incremental loading. so first i load my all data and the i decided to modify it.

My data change all the time. So i assume the data with in one month get change.

So i need to consider it.

Is there any way to deleate the data back to one month from my 1st QVD and , then concadinate with my recent one month data.

and maka a new QVD.

we can use a where clause for month in my 1st QVD , i want to know if there is another method. remove data directly from the QVD.


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Re: Change QVD.

Hi Anuradhaa,

Please look at Rob's documentation on Incremental Load. Here is the link :


If the data only changes for most recent month then you should build a staging model to keep staging data seperate from the final data. I mean you should keep your previous month's data seperate from the main QVD file and concatenate the data only once you have final data (where no changes required). This way you are still on optimized load and you are also dealing with smaller data set in staging QVD file.

I hope this makes sense.