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Changing Font in Macro

I have exported a straight table data to Excel using macro.

I have exoprted the table caption as a header in Excel.

How can I make the caption into bold and change the font also?Please help.

chartCaption1 = Left(tableToExport.GetCaption.Name.v,50)

curSheet.Range("A1") = chartCaption1

Thanks in advance..


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Re: Changing Font in Macro

I know it's a long time since this question was asked... but I'd recommend looking at NPrinting for your formatted exports to Excel. It allows you to bring over or replace the QlikView formatting in exports. As well as that, it works with Word, PowerPoint & HTML (for emails & web pages).


Re: Changing Font in Macro

I agree with Alex, take a look at NPrinting.

In any way try this:

     sheet1.range("A1").Font.Bold = true

     sheet1.range("A1").Font.Name = "Tahoma" 

     sheet1.range("A1").Font.Size = 24

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