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Changing Formats within Set Analysis

Hi Everyone,

I have the following formula :

Sum (NISTA) / Sum(Num(TaskTime)*1440) * 60)

However, I Created a flag in my script to identify where exactly I need this to take place.

Thus I Believe set analysis would be the answer for this, but the problem comes in with the format conversion (NUM) and the additional calculations (*1440*60).

Is there a way to do this in a Set analysis?

the following doesn't work but explains what i need to do:

IF(FLAG=1,Sum (NISTA) / Sum(Num(TaskTime)*1440) * 60))


Sum({$<FLAG={$(=1)}>}NISTA) / (Sum({$<FLAG={$(=1)}>}NUM(TASKTIME)*1440)*60

Please can anyone assist.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Changing Formats within Set Analysis

Can you try this:

Sum({<FLAG = {1}>} NISTA) / Sum({<FLAG = {1}>} Num(TaskTime)*1440) * 60)

Re: Changing Formats within Set Analysis

I don't know wny are you using$ here

Sum({$<FLAG={1}>}NISTA) / (Sum({$<FLAG={1}>}NUM(TASKTIME)*1440)*60

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